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Brewer's Whims & Seasonals


(5.86%) Oktoberfest is here. This traditional Marzen style beer is smooth and malty. This lager has just enough hops to balance it out and tantalize your taste buds!

Huckleberry Honey Hefeweizen

(5.04% ABV) – Our summer seasonal is infused with just the right amounts of honey and huckleberry to balance this tasty summer treat. The delicate honey and huckleberry aromas are balanced with wheat and hops to create a refreshing ale for the hot days of summer.

Amber Ale

This fall seasonal is similar to our Session Pale but the emphasis for the Amber is on the lovely caramel malt flavor and less on the hops. Crystal malts were used in the brew leading to a medium bodied, delectable Amber Ale!

Summit IPA:

(6.28% ABV) – We are really excited about this IPA! We love the distinct flavor of the Citra hop that adds very nice hoppy, citrusy flavors to this big hopped beer. Its unique honey malt body and flavor balance out the hops nicely making it an incredibly drinkable beer! 



beer to go

Kegs and equipment:

½ Barrel keg (15 ½ gallons): $142 ( /- 180 servings)
½ Barrel keg IPA or Single Hop: $156
5 Gallon keg: $54 ( /- 60 servings)
5 Gallon keg IPA or Single Hope: $60
Single Jockey box rental: $20
Double Jockey box rental: $30

Deposit fees, refundable
5 Gallon Kegs: $100
½ Barrel Kegs: $100
Jockey Boxes: $100
Hand Pump: $50
CO2 deposit: $100

Growlers to go:

Sawtooth, Pale, Porter, and Nut brown: $7
IPA and Single Hop: $9
Whims: $12-$15

 22oz. Bottled beer:
$4.50/Seasonal Botle

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Always On Tap:

sawtooth ale

Sawtooth Ale

Lewis and Clark's 1805-1806 expedition took them past the many creeks that flow into the Bitterroot River each spring, among them Sawtooth Creek.  Bitter Root Brewing's blonde ale is made from the finest pale malt and hops available.  The addition of malted rye and wheat give this beer a crisp, dry flavor.   It's a national medal winner, and a year round favorite.

Nut Brown Ale

Developed in London, England, Brown Ale has been brewed for hundreds of years.  English and American brewing techniques, combined with generous amounts of Amber, Brown and Honey Malts, give Bitter Root Brewing’s Nut Brown ale its nutty, sweet character.

Pale Ale

Session Pale Ale

This easy drinking pale ale is lower in alcohol content with a well balanced hop and malt flavor. Excellent for those who like a little bit of hop with their beer. 



Known as "Three Threads" or "Entire". Porter became England's first national beer in 1722.  It was called porter because of its popularity with that group of laborers.  Bitter Root Brewing brews this rich dark ale with a hint of peat-smoked malt as a salute to English brewers long forgotten.

Bitterroot IPA

India Pale Ale (IPA)

First brewed in England around 1800, for export to the British population of India, IPA was generously hopped as a preservative for the long sea voyage from Britain.  Combining both English and Northwest brewing techniques, Bitter Root Brewing's IPA is light in color, high in hops, with a balanced malt flavor.

Amber Ale

CTZ Single Hop

This big Northwest style Pale Ale is brewed exclusively using CTZ hops. This medium bodied brew has citrus and grapefruit flavors with a long yet dry hop finish.